The Chap-Book (Blue Lady) Poster — Will H. Bradley
This poster commemorates the Brandywine River Museum’s exhibition Posters in an Age of Elegance, 1999.

Will H. Bradley’s designs for The Chap-Book have been called some of the first American Art Nouveau posters. This and other posters for the magazine brought him widespread recognition and popularity. Nicknamed the "Dean of American Designers" by The Saturday Evening Post, he was the highest paid American artist of the early 20th century.

Bradley’s 1894 lithograph The Chap-Book (Blue Lady) relies on the stark use of the silhouette for dramatic effect, balancing the flat blue and black areas of the woman’s clothing with carefully arranged branches. The dramatic slash of white across the top creates a connection between the frozen lake and the woman’s profile, while the skates break up the expanse of blue. Bradley creates a brittle effect by outlining the shapes with white, allowing the color of the paper to function effectively as a design element. The use of vermilion for the lettering has a startling effect against the moonlit scene.

16" x 25.5" overall paper size

Item #003553

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