Winter Print — N.C. Wyeth
N.C. Wyeth’s Winter. “Death” is one of his four seasonally-inspired paintings from 1909, painted along with Spring. “Song”, Summer. “Hush” and Autumn. “Waiting”.

In a letter to his sister Henriette dated Nov. 25, 1908, N.C. Wyeth spoke of his newest idea:

"I'm all up in the air...over a new scheme I am about to submit to Scribner's. I believe there is an unlimited opportunity in the way of "decorative-paintings"… I have in mind four subjects, "Spring," "Summer," "Autumn," and "Winter," all symbolically representing the seasons, ie carrying the spirit of the season as it were. I've got very vague but bully ideas for them and shall paint them very large… By exhibiting them, they may suggest to some architect the idea that such decorations would be appropriate in a library or capitol or some public building."

This is an older reproduction originally printed in 1972.
Since this is an older reproduction some fading and slight imperfections are to be expected.

26” x 40” overall paper size | 24” x 27” image size

Item #004463

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