Catalyst For Conservation

The landmark endeavor by the Brandywine Conservancy to protect the nearly 5,400 acres of critical farm and forest land of the former King Ranch property in Pennsylvania and its valuable water resources that feed the Brandywine Watershed is chronicled in the new book, Catalyst for Conservation: The Brandywine Conservancy's Success in Saving King Ranch Lands in Pennsylvania.

The streams and springs throughout the property continue to provide an estimated six million gallons a day to the Brandywine, which serves as the drinking water supply for the City of Wilmington, Delaware and numerous other communities in the Brandywine Watershed.

Today, the Conservancy has permanently protected more than 45,000 acres, much of it resulting from the success of what became known as the "King Ranch project."

Catalyst for Conservation was written by David Shields and Bill Benson, and is 112 pp. with over 100 illustrations.


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