"I Dream About this World" Book/CD
Pianist/Composer Catherine Marie Charlton Paints the Immersive Musical World for the Wyeth familyl. Charlton's 12th release in a 20+ year career, I Dream About This World - The Wyeth Album, embodies the creative expansion of the mind, and forms a soundtrack for introspective exploration of private thoughts, painting a musical world where the listener can escape this "busy, bustling life," as N. C. Wyeth called it 100 years ago.

To achieve her expansive vision, the neo-classical pianist known for her quietly spacious, meditative compositions has teamed with GRAMMY® Award-winning producer and engineer Phil Nicolo. I Dream About This World, features collaborations with several New Age GRAMMY® Award-winners -- cellist David Darling, English horn player and producer Nancy Rumbel, and producer Will Ackerman. CD is accompanied by an 80 page book, with extensive and beautiful inner notes and images including three generations of Wyeth paintings.

Item #010764

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